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Actor's Video Business Card

Actor's business card is an actor's business card, which is used when the actor needs to be selected for a role according to a specific “type”. An important moment to take into account: in this video, the actor should look as natural as possible, that is, using makeup should be reduced to a minimum, because the casting manager needs to consider the naturalness of the candidates.

Actor's video business card – what can it be

There are several requirements that you must take into account when creating an actor's video business card:

  • presentation. In his video business card, the actor should name his last name, first name, type of activity, and briefly tell about his work experience;

  • full length close-up. Basically for such a video used portrait shooting, but be sure to make some close-up in full growth;

  • emotion card. This part is shot by a portrait shot, and here the actor should simply show one by one the experience of different emotions.

Actor's video business cards come in different types. Here are the main ones:

  • presentation card. This is the most common type of business card where the actor simply tells important information about himself: name, age, education, experience in the film industry, if any, as well as his skills and hobbies, which may be useful in the shooting. Timing: 1-2 minutes;

  • video business card "Mirror". This business card is shooting in an interview format. The actor is asked questions taken from the script of the film "The Mirror", directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Answering these questions, the actor has to remember about various events that somehow influenced his life in the past. After recording the interview, close-up shooting begins, during which the actor listens to the audio recording of his stories, and reacts to them, reliving these memories again;

  • poems, monologues, songs, etc. This option of actor’s business card is used a little less often since it usually takes more than 1-2 minutes for the timing, which reduces his chances that the video will be watched to the end. Recording poems, monologues, etc. is better if you send this business card for casting on a specific role or for a specific "type".

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