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Online broadcasting

Now there are a lot of different trainings/conferences/workshops. But people live in such a rhythm that they do not always have time to visit all the events that they would like. And a great solution to this problem is online broadcasts.

Why online broadcastings are needed

There are several stages in which online broadcasting takes place:

  • coordination of the task. At this stage, you are telling us about your wishes regarding the upcoming broadcast, or we offer you some optimal way of conducting the broadcast;

  • preparation. During this period, various factors that may affect the broadcast will be checked and studied, for example, whether the Internet works properly in the place where the broadcast will be held, etc .;

  • broadcast. A team of our specialists will arrive in advance at the location, install all the necessary equipment, check whether it is functioning normally, and then will engage the conducting a live broadcast;

  • completion. This is a summarizing stage, and perhaps even planning new joint projects.

Online broadcasting would be useful for the next events:

  • sports topics events;

  • music concerts;

  • various webinars;

  • conferences;

  • exhibitions;

  • presentations.

How to order online broadcasting from us

If you need to order online broadcasting then you can do it right now! Just fill special form on our website!

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