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Video Business Card

Everyone knows what is a business card and they, of course, are must-have. But nowadays you will not impress anyone with it. What to do? How to properly advertise yourself and attract new customers? Creating a Video Business Cards is a good way to do this.

A video business card is a presentation or commercial shot depending on the client’s goals and correctly assembled to the interests and preferences of the customer’s target audience.

Who needs a video business card and why

Why is the Video Business Card better than a common printed one? First of all, this way of self- presentation will help you to stand out among competitors. Because everyone has printed business cards but the video business card is still quite a rare phenomenon. Secondly, the creation of such a “commercial” is a great opportunity to tell about yourself and your personal or your company achievements in 2-3 minutes. Not everyone wants to read the text in which you describe all the same information that you can retell in the video in such a short time.

Who needs to create a video business card:

  • companies, agencies, corporations. That kind of business card can be a great way to create more trust among customers and attract new audiences. Such video cards can be placed on companies' websites, shown at various trainings and seminars, and also sent to their customers along with a commercial offer;

  • to actors. The presence of a video business card is mandatory for actors. Sending your CV to castings, or casting managers, you need to attach not only your photos but also the video business card so that potential employers can see how the actor works on camera.

How to order video business card

To order this service at 1b Studio, you just fill the special form on our website.

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