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Creating commercials

Advertising is a very important part in the promotion of any business or brand. Creating commercials is a rather complicated process because here you need not only to write the correct, interesting and original script, but also to organize the shooting, to conduct in a high-level, and then to edit everything into a nice picture, without losing the original idea. In general, the best is to trust this job to professionals.

Creating commercials – production stages

Now there are a lot of commercials of various brands and products, both on YouTube and on other venues. Therefore, in order to stand out among competitors, it is not enough just to make a quality commercial, it is still very important to make it original so that viewers can accurately remember this video. And in creating such a product, we can help you.

There are several steps in creating commercials:

  • Pre-production:

  • creating unique content for the video;

  • writing a treatment;

  • writing a breakdown;

  • storyboard preparation;

  • forming the filming timing;

  • casting;

  • selection of locations.

  • Production:

  • the organization of the shooting process;

  • shooting.

  • Post-production:

  • footage editing;

  • infographics;

  • post-scoring;

  • video color correction.

How to order creating commercials from us

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