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Video Production

1b Studio is a Video Production Studio that is engaged in performing different scale and complexity works: from filming a commercial to organizing online broadcasts and creating a YouTube channel.

What services does our Video Production provide

What kind of video production services does 1b Studio provide, and what do they include:

  • shooting commercials. Includes: developing an idea, writing a script, preparing the location and casting for shooting, conducting the shooting itself, and high-quality editing of the footage;;

  • shooting corporate and image video. This service includes all the stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. With the help of a properly thought-out scheme and a well-organized shooting, a video that will be created you would want to review more than once;

  • making documentaries. Our production will quickly delve into the essence of the necessary topics, and will carefully organize and implement all stages of production;

  • creating showreel. This includes: the study of your best works, and, according to your wishes, editing showreel of your dream;

  • shooting videos for YouTube channels. These include: the creation of the channel, its design, the development of creative content, and the promotion of the created product;

  • organization of filming activities. This service includes: the location inspection, planning and conducting a shooting, and, as a result, providing you with a finished edited video, shot according to your pre-approved wishes;

  • organization of online broadcasts. This includes: preparing everything needed for high-quality shooting at your location, organizing the coordinated work of the entire team during the broadcast, shooting, and postproduction;

  • shooting video for social media (Facebook, Instagram). People read texts on social media less and less, but watch videos with pleasure. Our Video Production will create for you such videos that will be loved in the feeds of your subscribers!

How to order 1b studio production service

To order our video production services, please, fill the special form on our website.

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