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YouTube Producer

Nothing except the mint can make money without advertising.

Thomas Babington Macaulay

You are doing business, promoting your brand, but you see that the audience and the demand for your product or service are still not enough and your competitors are on the heels?

Then it is time to create your YouTube channel! And that is where we can help you.

What do we do?

We create, develop and promote YouTube projects as well as corporate channels.The difference is:

  • Corporate channel

    this is the channel of the company, brand that would be additional advertising to your project YouTube channel;

  • YouTube channel

    YouTube channel is a separate project on a specific topic; we will create unique content for you and will also promote it.

YouTube channel is the business development tool necessary for those who willing to succeed no matter whether this big IT Company or a small cozy coffeehouse. Naturally, the maintaining of corporate channels and turnkey YouTube projects take a lot of time. Do you feel a lack of it? That is exactly why you need us!

What is the channel
on a turnkey basis?

Strategic Channel Planning

We will develop the concept of your channel, define the target audience, create the design, write down the development strategy, and plan the effective schedule of the video output.

Pre-production, production, post-production

We will create content for your channel, record the script, organize and shoot the video, edit the footage and provide you with the finished video product.

Channel development and promotion.

The idea and direction of the channel are clear, the first videos are shot. What to do with them

We can: optimize metadata, analyze your channel, run advertising campaigns Ads, organize collaborations with owners of other YouTube channels.

Why is all this necessary? Such actions will help increase the number of subscribers to your target audience, as well as popularize your channel.

Who needs this?

Organizations and companies

YouTube channel will become your business card, and will successfully advertise your services attracting new customers.

Online stores

You can post video reviews of products on the YouTube channel which will increase the level of trust of your customers, and increase their number.

YouTube bloggers

You are already blogging, but at some point, you realize that you were at a dead end, and you do not know how to develop further? We can help you with this!

Opinion leader

The advertisements you receive through the creation of the YouTube channel will be able to increase your expertise, as well as attract new subscribers.


Working with us will help you to increase the level of customer confidence in your product.


Creating a YouTube channel can be a new successful business project for you.

Video formats on YouTube which we do.

The 5 most popular formats for the number of requests for the last month are political shows, scandals, reviews, clips, and interviews.

We do all these, and also vlogs, expert opinions, choice recommendations, unpacking, tests (crash tests), reviews, lotteries, cooking shows, movie reviews, criticism or PR, children, online broadcasts, computer games, tops and facts, answers to interesting questions , life hacks, how to do it yourself, beauty channels, psychology, travel, life abroad, auto-reviews, info business, intrigue, investigation (media on YouTube), entertainment, jokes, parodies.

Packages that can be
ordered separately

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Channel strategic planning

  • Includes:

  • channel concept creation;

  • target audience determination;

  • page design creation;

  • channel development strategy;

  • scheduling effective video output schedule.

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Pre-production, production, post-production

  • Includes:

  • channel content development;

  • video scenario writing;

  • organizing and conducting of shooting;

  • editing of the footage and the providing of the finished video product.

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Channel development and promotion

  • Includes:

  • metadata optimization of channel analytics;

  • analytic of channel

  • advertising campaigns Ads;

  • collaboration organizing with other YouTube channel owners.

Do you need a YouTube channel that will make even your competitors use your services? Ask a question