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Video for Social Media

Recently, almost every project, business or brand is promoting in social media. However, the truth is that long advertising texts are read up to the end very rarely. That is why the video for social media is now gaining popularity. In these short videos in one minute, you can attract your audience's attention and promote your product or service. Of course, this should be done qualitatively and correctly. Therefore, it is better to entrust this to professionals.

Why do you need video for social media

1b Video Production Studio is also creating a video for social media. We can:

  • come up with original content;

  • write a detailed script;

  • organize and conduct high-quality shooting;

  • edit the footage, and provide you with a finished video product.

There are several important points to consider when creating videos for social media:

  • video time should not exceed 1.5-3 minutes, and up to one minute in Instagram;

  • now videos in social media mostly watched on phones. Therefore, it is important to make adapted for different gadgets video;

  • videos should evoke emotions in the audience. If you manage to make a high-quality video that can capture the attention of a person and be remembered by, then this will really become good advertising for your product or service.

How to order video for social media from us

If you are convinced of the importance and prospects of video for social media, then fill a special form on our website to create a video with us right now!

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