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Short Film Making

A short film is a film which timing does not exceed 40-50 minutes. The average duration of this type of video product is 10-30 minutes.

What is included in the creation of a short film

What exactly is included in creating a short film service:

  • Work with scenario. At this stage there may be several options for cooperation:

  • developing a scenario by your idea;

  • working with your scenario;

  • developing the idea by your request and writing the scenario.

  • Preparation for the shooting

  • searching of locations;

  • casting;

  • director work with actors before shooting.

  • Shooting:

  • carrying out prepared in advance shooting.

  • Post-production:

  • footage editing;

  • infographics;

  • video color correction;

  • post-scoring.

Why do you need a short film? In this video, you can make an original advertisement for your product or service, convey some goal of the company, or simply implement your script, which has long been gathering dust on the table.

How to order short film making

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