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Web Series

A Web Series is a series that is created for the purpose of broadcasting it on the Internet, and the ability to later switch to television. One episode of this series is often called a web episode.

What is included in creation of the web series

If you decide to order web series from us we can provide next services:

  • scenario. . You can apply to us having a billet for the script, or just with an idea. Our team will help you formulate the idea, as well as prescribe a detailed script of the Web Series;

  • shooting preparation. We will prepare the locations, find the actors, and clearly and correctly organize the entire shooting process;

  • shooting. We will shoot everything on time and at the highest level;.

  • post-production. We edit, color and voice the footage.

Web Series are becoming more popular. The fact is that people have no time, and it’s easier for them to watch a series for 3-5 minutes on YouTube rather than a two-hour movie on TV. Therefore, this format is ideal as a separate unique content for the channel on the video hosting, as well as a platform for advertising your product or service.

How to order web series

To order web series from us, please, fill the special form on our website.

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