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Creating clips for YouTube channel

If you decide to create the YouTube channel to promote your business, brand, or just to earn extra money, you need to know how to correctly create YouTube video. You need to know all the stages of production to do it qualitatively.

What does the video production process for YouTube consist of

There are several steps to creating videos for the YouTube channel:

  • Pre-production:

  • creating unique content for the video;

  • writing a treatment;

  • writing a breakdown;

  • storyboard preparation;

  • forming the filming timing;

  • casting;

  • selection of locations.

  • Production:

  • the organization of the shooting process;

  • shooting.

  • Post-production:

  • footage editing;

  • infographics;

  • post-scoring;

  • video color correction.

How to order clips for YouTube channel

You can order just one package (pre-production, production, post-production) as well as the full package of services. To do that, please, fill the form on our website.

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