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Video editing for YouTube

Editing video for YouTube is a very important and difficult part of the job when creating a video. You need not only cut the footage but also to paste together parts to get a full, logical and interesting story to receive the high-quality product. Wherein, you should not tighten video, and its best length is several minutes.

Video editing for YouTube – how is it running?

What does editing video start with? When you have finished shooting, you receive the footage. Then you can begin to edit it. There are a few simple steps you need to take to edit a YouTube video:

  • upload the footage to the video editor you plan to work with;

  • watch full video material;

  • cut out the parts of the video that you will use to create a video (select successful duplicates, etc.);

  • put together selected fragments to a rough assembly;

  • impose all the needed visual effects;

  • impose a sound;

  • save the finished material in the format you need.

There are also a few small editing tips, applying which you can make your YouTube video more dynamic and interesting:

  • change angles. This method is used to make the video more alive, and so that the viewer does not get bored, watching the picture from only one angle. However, it is also important not to overdo it;

  • use a short frame. Long shots are very tiring viewers. The average frame duration for a YouTube video is 5 seconds;

  • do not overdo with effects. In order to make a high-quality video, you need to use various sound and visual effects. But you need to make sure that there are not too many of them.

Programs more often used to edit the video for YouTube:

  • Final Cut Pro;

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC;

  • Pinnacle Studio.

How to order video editing for the YouTube?

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