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Maintaining the YouTube channel

After the creation of the YouTube channel and customizing promotions, the work is not done yet. Now you will have to maintain it on a regular basis. And, if you want your video content to be successful and the number of your subscribers grows, then you need to do it correctly.

How to maintain the channel correctly?

YouTube channel qualitative maintenance takes a lot of time. Therefore, not everyone will be able to combine work under that kind of project with their ongoing activities.

There are several basic steps to working on maintaining the YouTube channel that must have been done regularly:

  • regular publication of new videos with relevant content suitable for the target audience of your channel;

  • creating descriptions for videos and programs, writing tags, choosing categories;

  • communications with subscribers through comments; contests, giveaways, etc.;

  • advertising videos, publishing them on third-party resources in order to increase the number of subscribers.

Curious facts about YouTube

If you are still not sure if the YouTube channel maintenance is worth to spend time and money for then those facts are for you:

  • YouTube is the second after Google most visited website;

  • 8 out of 10 people aged 18-49 are watching YouTube;

  • more than 5 billion videos are being watched on YouTube daily;

  • the number of video viewing hours on YouTube is increased by 60% yearly;

  • 300 hours of videos are being uploaded to the YouTube platform every minute.

How to order YouTube channel maintenance?

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