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Does your brand need a YouTube channel? The answer is unequivocal: yes, of course! It doesn't matter what kind of activity you have whether it is the construction business, the creation of clothes, or you just own your restaurant in the city center; in any case, you need brand promotion on YouTube.

What is brand promotion on YouTube and why is it needed for

Today, YouTube is the second after Google most visited website, and the number of video views on YouTube is more than 2 billion per day. That is why it is not just a possibility to promote your brand on this site, it is the necessity.

How can we help you with this? 1b Production offers the following services in promoting your brand on YouTube:

  • YouTube channel strategic planning

  • creating the YouTube channel concept;

  • identification of the target audience;

  • analyzing of competitors channels;

  • design pondering;

  • channel development strategic planning.

  • Pre-production, production, post-production

  • creating unique content for the YouTube channel;

  • writing a script for videos according to an approved idea;

  • organization of filming and shooting;

  • edition of footage.

  • Channel development and promotion

  • metadata optimization;

  • analyzing YouTube channel;

  • advertising campaigns Ads.

How to order brand promotion on YouTube

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