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Advertising with bloggers

Each businessman or the one who is creating a personal brand, etc., knows how much the product or service needs high-quality advertising. And one of the good options for promotion is to advertise with bloggers on YouTube.

What types of advertising with bloggers exist

If you have already decided that you need advertising with bloggers, then you need to know exactly what types of such advertisements exist:

  • joint video. To share a video with another blogger is a great option! For example, if you are promoting a cosmetic brand and the blogger you want to advertise your product with, makes a video about different make-ups, then you can simply make a video about applying make-up with cosmetics of your brand;

  • contest. You can make some kind of joint contest for your subscribers and another blogger subscribers by arranging a competition between them. Announce this contest on your channel, and “meet” your subscribers with the channel of another blogger, and his - with yours;

  • mentioning in the video. This is one of the most simple types of advertising when you mention another blogger’s channel, product, or brand in your video, and blogger does the same with your channel, product, or brand;.

  • challenge. You can arrange a competition between you and another blogger. For example, if you both run sports channels, a good option would be to make a cycle of workouts videos, so that later your subscribers would choose which ones turned out to be more effective.

How to order the organization of advertising with bloggers

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